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Mazatl “Transformación de un Nagual II” Linocut Print

Mazatl is a contemporary Mexican artist whose relief prints, murals and installations focus on unity, nature, introspection, healing and liberation. He resides in Chiapas, Mexico.

“Transformación de un Nagual II” is inspired by the mystic journey of transformation and communion with totality. The balance of letting go and intention, decay and life.

This piece is part of a series of images complementing Steve Von Till’s "Harvestman - 23 Untitled Poems"

“Transformación de un Nagual II” is a limited edition hand-carved and hand-printed Linocut by Mazatl.

Size: 14.5” X 15” (Approximate)
Stock: 100% Cotton Rag, Acid-Free Archival Paper, Deckled Edge.
Signed, embossed and numbered, edition of 77.
Poster tube included with each order.