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Linas Garsys


Linas Garsys "Dvasia: A" Giclee Print

Linas Garsys was born to Lithuanian immigrants whose families fled during WWII. It was a strict household full of family tradition, where he was further indoctrinated by spending weekends attending Lithuanian school. Feelings of alienation lead Garsys to punk rock, comic books, and art, which allowed him to forge a chosen family rather than existing as simply a spirit somewhere in limbo between ‘American’ and ‘immigrant.’ He is a self taught artist currently residing in Baltimore.

Dvasia (Lithuanian): ghost, spirit; soul; mind; a mental disposition; manner; conscience; meaning; breath. Wraith; demon, imp; the holy spirit; comforter, zeitgeist.

‘Dvasia’ has many meanings in Lithuanian. In folklore it can be used to describe any spirit being or supernatural force that haunts, torments or influences people, but it also can be used to describe a person’s state of mind, demeanor, or a general mood. 

"I focused on the various incarnations of the multiple meanings: between joy and anguish. Omens totems, and symbolism that we use to cope while building our own mythologies between the seen and unseen. These moments and instances help us create a guide for existence and survival. Serving as bridges between warnings and blessings, offering depth to the human experience."

"Dvasia: A" is the first of six paintings in the Dvasia series by Linas Garsys.

Museum quality Giclee Print.
Dimensions: 18" W X 24" H
Stock: Fineline, Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM

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