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Neaux "Fell Off The Deep End"

Fell Off The Deep End is the debut full-length by Neaux, the new band featuring members of Trash Talk, Versa Emerge, and Have Heart. Rich in atmosphere and songcraft, Fell Off The Deep End gives a nod to shoegaze, Sonic Youth, and Bl’ast in equal measure.

Originally released on cassette in late 2016, Fell Off The Deep End was remastered in 2017 with new artwork and is now available on vinyl, cassette, and digital.

The members of Neaux – Sierra Kay, Nick Fit, Ryan Briggs and Chris Peters – may have cut their teeth in projects ranging from synth-pop to hardcore punk, but Fell Off The Deep End’s rewarding collision of worlds yields a captivating new sound. There’s a weighty crunch to the sound that recalls 90’s grunge and alt-rock, yet clear and expressive lead vocal ensures fans of Slowdive and PJ Harvey can find space in this music. It’s the sound of restless emotional territory, of punk looking inward. This engaging 8-song album establishes Neaux as a band to look out for in 2017.

Track Listing:
01. Slowstroll
02. Somewhere Up North
03. High Hopes
04. Only Lonely
05. Make Me Stay
06. Beaten Bruised And Over It
07. Deep Dive
08. Sorry I Said It