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Hand Of Death


Northless "Cold Migration"

"Milwaukee's Northless have made a name for themselves for being a massively loud and heavy band. The kind that only gets more crushing in a live setting. A wall of cabs and impeccible tone help sew up their tight playing and enduced headbanging.

The four piece can simply be described as pissed off doom metal. Add the drenching of sludge, tasteful post-rock elements, and occasional clean vocals and you have the complex beast before you, Cold Migration. Coming right off the back of their split with Primitive Man, Northless waste no time leveling listeners with their signature massive wall of doom. The world is a shithole and Cold Migration is your devastating soundtrack.

"The song hits with massive force, with the kind of pulverizing riffs and merciless rhythm section that bring to mind some kind of enormous concrete-grinding demolition machine with a howling madman at the controls." -No Clean Singing

Track Listing:
01. The Curse Of Being
02. Cold Migration
03. Conduit