Herzegovinian "The Chasm" - Deathwish Inc

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Crown And Throne


Herzegovinian "The Chasm"


Excreted upon the earth is the singular entity, Herzegovinian. Drawing inspiration from the atrocities of the second wave of European Black Metal and contemporary elite USBM, Herzegovinian creates a vile and raw interpretation of occult Black Metal - painting a mirror image equally fixated on Lovecraftian annihilationism and theoretical Satanism with olde world literary conjecture. It’s first offering, ’The Chasm’, is a three song apparition - haunting and crushing in equal measure. Written, performed and recorded in complete solitude, Herzegovinian’s sole member creates a narrative not meant for human consumption - like an ode to a presence meant to supersede our own.

“There is a doorway - no man shall pass."

Track Listing: 
01. Detonation 
02. Weaponized Acid 
03. Mule Hoof