Make It Reign "Sound Asleep as the World Burns" - Deathwish Inc

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Dead Truth


Make It Reign "Sound Asleep as the World Burns"


Forming in the dead Reno, Nevada winter, Make It Reign is the latest and greatest new face of metal the west coast has to offer. The melancholy lyrics compliment the doomy harmonies and massive breakdowns create a heaviness of Crowbar-like proportions, with the straight forwardness of Earth Crisis and the thrash of Slipknot thrown in for added bite. Make It Reign have trekked across the west coast multiple times, in true DIY fashion and continue to leave the jaws of audiences floored wherever they perform. Singer Tony Medellin is no stranger to tour life, having done hard time fronting straight edge powerhouse, xAFBx. This time around Tony has honed his skills as a front-man and writer. Their debut full length is due to drop this spring to light a fire under the ass of the metal community. Same can be said for their video of "Powerkill", directed by Shawn Shannon.

Sound Asleep As The World Burns is your soundtrack to judgement day.