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Idle Pilot "Mondegreen"


Currents are a three piece rock band out of the greater Boston area. They play a style reminiscent of the mid-90s post-hardcore/indie/math-rock sound. Following a couple of EPs in 2013, they have released their first full length album titled 'Mondegreen'. Recorded by Keith Gentile at Labyrinth Audio and Mastered at New Alliance East, Mondegreen is ten songs that show the band growing and expanding their sound to create something truly unique that fans of many different genres of music can come together and enjoy.

Track Listing:Β 
01. A Closet For Derek
02. Venues
03. Hugh Jackman / Gene Hackman
04. Hoofed
05. A Stranger in The Alps
06. Build Ups
07. Money Trail Mix
08. New Filth
09. One Day I Will Be Bee King
10. Shit Outta' Luck