Iron Lung "Cold Storage" - Deathwish Inc

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Chronically Unique


Iron Lung "Cold Storage"


When these were made a few years ago, the label (that maybe only did this one release) made a few too many at the time. We just procured the last chunk of the printing. Saves us the trouble of reprinting them which was about to happen anyway. Full color foldout sleeve with clear pro printed cassettes. Contains all tracks recorded up to (but not including Life. Iron Lung. Death. - which is in the process of being remastered as well!).

Track Listing:
01. Brain-Scan Exorcism
02. Iron Lung
03. Pushing Life
04. Abduction Boots
05. Concentric Circulator
06. Arc Lamp
07. Regenerate
08. Mechanical Assistance
09. Placement Six
10. Modified For Arm Abduction
11. Positive Pressure Breathing Attachment
12. If Polio Strikes
13. Storage Unit
14. Body Enclosing
15. Pathoclast
16. Esocargophagus
17. Spirophore
18. Chest Assessment
19. Sternal Abnormalities
20. Loss Of Breath
21. Cervical Laser
22. Bonesaw
23. Nails
24. Only Death
25. Horizontal Respiration
26. Scanoptic
27. Magnetic Resonance
28. Disgusting Body
29. Roentgen's Machine
30. Primal Therapy Pt.2
31. Orthoscopy
32. Primal Therapy Pt.1
33. Museum
34. The System