Birds In Row "You, Me, & The Violence" - Deathwish Inc

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Birds In Row "You, Me, & The Violence"

  • "You, Me, & The Violence" explodes out of the gates with "Pilori", a statement of personal independence among society's faults and fractures. Birds In Row continue down this road, expressing disdain in songs like "Cages", "Guillotine", and "Walter Freeman". All of them musically harboring a tangle of emotional vocals and rabid distortion. Just when it feels like the album is almost too overpowering, Birds In Row unfurl a moment of clarity in "Last Last Chance", a haunting guitar and vocal break. The control of their dynamics is masterful work. "You, Me, & The Violence" and "Grey Hair" are near perfect examples of this, shifting between searing and serene in tone. And if you weren't in awe of Birds In Row in the first eleven songs, the twelve minute closer "Lovers Have Their Say" will leave you floored.

    Track Listing:
    01. Pilori
    02. There Is Only One Chair In This Room
    03. Cages
    04. Guillotine
    05. Walter Freeman
    06. Last Last Chance
    07. You, Me, & The Violence
    08. Grey Hair
    09. Cold War Everyday
    10. The Illusionist
    11. Police & Thieves
    12. Lovers Have Their Say