At the Heart of the World "Sonic Oblivion Mixtape Vol. 1" - Deathwish Inc

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At the Heart of the World "Sonic Oblivion Mixtape Vol. 1"

The sophomore release from Portland, OR's sonic gatling gun. Since their debut earlier this year with 'Rotting Forms'. ATHOTW returns with three introspective tracks (including a Danzig cover), tracking their navigation within their own brand of Industrial Metal.

"These new songs are a step forward in many ways. Heavier, more electronic but still catchy. Sonically we are excited about the direction we are heading." Says Danny Porter, guitarist and programmer of ATHOTW.

Thrusting and flexing their influences, you may detect subtle acknowledgements to pioneers such as Atari Teenage Riot to NIN. Veering into the more electronic lines of their lane. Giving us all a little prelude on what to expect from the duo in the near future.

Track Listing: 
01. Dirt & Suffering
02. Electronic Apocalypse #1
03. Ashes - Version (Danzig)
04. Muttering Perversness Pt. I 2011 Demo (on cassette only)
05. Muttering Perversness Pt. II 2011 Demo (on cassette only)
06. Muttering Perverseness Pt. III 2011 Demo (on cassette only)