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Aly Pierce "The Deathwish Catalogue, Part One"

From ""Deeper the Wound"" to ""Witness"", this is the Deathwish Catalogue as you've never read it before.

The Deathwish Catalogue, Part One is poetry as resuscitation. Full-force water-jetting out internal ashes. Aly Pierce fights for her life with imagery that sears the page, asking “Do we exist at the mercy of a life we think/ we should be living?” and answering with simultaneously deep vulnerability and humor: “I’m crumbling to pecans, pie-stepping my way/ around Boston.” All I know is I’m rooting for Pierce as she claws her way back out—“I’m climbing for my eyes. / All anyone ever says is how the view is fucking worth it / and I want to know. I want to sit above all this & look out.”
-Emily Jaeger