Wear Your Wounds "Rust On The Gates Of Heaven" Pedal by Abominable Ele - Deathwish Inc

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Wear Your Wounds "Rust On The Gates Of Heaven" Pedal by Abominable Electronics

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The "Rust on the Gates of Heaven" pedal is an exclusive design for Wear Your Wounds by Abominable Electronics. It is a unique hand-built Compressor and Reverb combination based on the sound of the guitar leads on "Rust on the Gates of Heaven" album.

"Throughout the guitar lead overdub process at God City Studios, we routinely found ourselves combining assorted Compressor and Reverb options to achieve our sonic goals. This pedal has combined a Compressor circuit to cut and articulate guitar leads with a Reverb option to make the signal soar. The Compressor is based on the classic MXR Dyna Comp. While the Reverb is a single "cave-like" control. Blend the Reverb into the compressed signal for depth and character. We've also added a click-less bypass switch for turning on/off with silence. This feature also increases the life expectancy of this awesome pedal significantly". - Adam McGrath

• Limited to 50
• 2 Effects: Compressor and Reverb
• Chrome Powder Coated Enclosure
• 2 Color Printed Graphics