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Seattle's New Gods "How's It Going To End?" Anybody's Flowers $2.00 $5.00
Sergio Anello "No Heavier Burden" Sunday Drive $5.00 $19.99
Skin Like Iron "Arrival" REACT! $5.00 $10.00

Sneeze "Wilt" Downed Star $5.00 $14.50
Soul Power "The Low End Fury" REACT! $2.00 $6.00
Spiritual Cramp "Mass Hysteria" REACT! $2.00 $6.00
Stab "Nation Rising" Painkiller $2.00 $4.99

Steel Nation "The Harder They Fall" Harm Reduction from $5.00 $14.00
Step Forward "Self Titled" Painkiller $2.00 $5.99
Super Unison "Auto" Deathwish from $2.99 $9.99
Suspect "Suspect" REACT! $5.00 $13.00

The Down House "I Say I So Much" Anybody's Flowers $2.00 $5.00
The Flex "Flexual Healing Vol. 7" Painkiller $3.00 $6.99
Think I Care "Singles Collection" Painkiller $5.00 $13.99
Torn "Self Titled" Harm Reduction $2.00 $6.00

Torture Love "They Came Crawling" Protagonist $5.00 $12.00
True Vision "Against The Grain" Painkiller $2.00 $5.99
Udusic "Self Titled" Painkiller $2.00 $5.99

Udusic "Ugly" Painkiller $2.00 $5.99
Unit 731 "The Hive Mind" Harm Reduction from $3.00 $12.00
Vaccine "Dead Inside" Painkiller $2.00 $4.99
Violent Future "Self Titled" Painkiller $2.00 $4.99

Warxgames "9 Trax / No Nightmare" REACT! $2.00 $6.00
Wear Your Wounds "Live At The BBC" Jacob Bannon $5.00 $18.00
Wetbrain "Self Titled" Painkiller $5.00 $13.99

Acid Fast "Rabid Moon" Protagonist Sold Out
Aggression Pact "Self Titled" Painkiller Sold Out

Big Kids "Hoop Dreams" Protagonist Sold Out
Breakdown "The '87 Demo" Painkiller Sold Out

Burn Your Life Down "Don't Try" Downed Star Sold Out
City Keys "Tip The Scale" Isolation Sold Out
Convul "I'll Be Seeing You" Downed Star Sold Out

Deadlock "Self Titled" Painkiller Sold Out
Divider "All Barren" Downed Star Sold Out
Dry Rot "Subordinate" Painkiller Sold Out

Failures "Self Titled" Painkiller Sold Out
Flashlights "I'm Not Alone" Protagonist Sold Out
Get Down "Self Titled" Painkiller Sold Out
Give "Petal Pushing" Painkiller Sold Out