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Death Engine "Mud"


"Following the release of their abrasive debut EP ‚Amené, DEATH ENGINE made a brutal entrance in 2013 with a couple of European tours _ a string of infernal outbreaks that have little in common with your average live show. The now four-piece from Lorient, France spent most of 2014 working on their debut album ‚Mudé, which was once again recorded by Amaury Sauv_ at La Senelle and mastered by Sylvain Biguet. Behind their ascetic, less-is-more work ethic, DEATH ENGINE's sound remains evasive _ oscillating between dark, desperate noise rock and metallic downpours of petrifying violence, bleak shoegazing guitar work and gigantic industrial dirges, cathartic climaxes and merciless tribal-ritual rhythms that could last forever. ‚Mudé features seven new tracks that deliver the coup de gräce, exploring new fields while still pushing the bandÍs trademark visceral tension to unreachable highs."

Track Listing: 
01. Medusa
02. Organs
03. Cure
04. Zero
05. Still
06. Entertain
07. Negative