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For Your Health "In Spite Of"


For Your Health's debut LP, In Spite Of. Recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Owen Traynor, and mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege). 

For Your Health is: 
Hayden Rodriguez - Vocals 
Damian Chacon - Guitars and Vocals 
Johnny Deborde - Bass 
Mike Mapes - Drums 

Vinyl Pressing info:
2nd pressing [includes 18x24" folded poster]
100 Butterfly Effect Clear with Red [BrooklynVegan exclusive]
100 Half Black/Half Coke Bottle w/ Gold & Red splatter
125 Clear with Black, Green, Pink splatter
175 Butterfly Effect Green with Purple and Black and White Splatter
200 Cloudy effect: Clear with Coke Bottle and Coke Bottle splatter [Band tour copies]
300 Galaxy effect: Olive green with white [Band tour copies]

1st pressing
100 - Pink
150 - Coke Bottle Clear w/ Red, Pink & Dark Red Splatter
250 - Neon Magenta, Opaque Green & Black Side A/Side B

Cassette Pressing info:
- 2nd pressing: 100 clear green tapes
- 1st pressing: 100 hand-painted tapes by Dave Norman of Zegema Beach Records

Track Listing: 
01. birthday candles in the effigy
02. i slept with wes eisold and all i got was an out of court settlement
03. push the fucking rock, sisy
04. abscess makes the heart grow
05. the day of black sun
06. save your breath, you're gonna need it to blow my head off
07. if anybody asks, we're already fucked
08. you're so united ninety-three, we're so flight one eighty
09. like a thirteenth floor elevator
10. everyday at 13:12
11. thank you for the venmo
12. this city will crumble and many people will die