Dad Punchers "These Times Weren't Made For You" - Deathwish Inc

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Dad Punchers "These Times Weren't Made For You"


"It always feels a little unjust to grasp a listener's attention based on an artist's current or previous work, but the forthcoming EP 7" These Times Weren't Made For You will put an end to Elliot Babin's go-to connection as the drummer of Touche Amore, as it has the power to make Dad Punchers a household name. This EP marks the second release for Elliot; the Dad Punchers S/T LP opened eyes last year and gave him the platform that he has earned today, writing deeply personal and often charming songs about the struggles of young adulthood that anyone can relate to. This EP was recorded by Elliot himself in his time home from tour. Using his Father's living room and his growing knowledge of recording technique, he managed to produce an enjoyable listening experience while once again playing nearly every instrument. Taking cues from The Beach Boys,The Weakerthans, and a range of No Idea Records alumni, Dad Punchers is a look into who Elliot Babin really is as a musician, songwriter, and human being.

I couldn't be more proud to call this SV05" - Jeremy Bolm

Track Listing: 
01. Everything Must Grow
02. Respiratory
03. Instant Stream
04. These Times Weren't Made For You