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VBERKVLT "Wolf Snake" Giclee Print

"Wolf Snake" is an illustration by Justin Bartlett available as a museum quality Giclee print in two sizes.

VBERKVLT, a.k.a. Justin Bartlett, has developed a style that's equally recognizable as it is versatile. Using layers of minuscule ink and graphite marks, he has applied his interpretations of heavy metal and occult symbology to various trades including music, fashion, and entertainment.

The artist awakens apparitions as ambiguous as those creatures created by Edgar Allen Poe or ideas fostered by Aleister Crowley. The beauty lies within boundless detail, where imagination and cheeky humor conspire. Theology and religion meet strife. Corpses decay. Wolves howl. Creatures spawn and slay. All is ugly and hauntingly inhuman within his realm.

Most profound in music, his album cover art helped reinvent extreme metal's aesthetics and have been selected for worldwide exhibitions. His music clientele includes SUNN O))), Dragged Into Sunlight, Aura Noir, The Secret, Danzig, Trap Them, and Kvelertak. Bartlett's work has also cloaked the pages of Vice Magazine, Revolver, Decibel, Adbusters, and Taschen books.

When daylight falls, the bleak visions and demented creatures sprung from Bartlett's imagination come out to play … It is then that we shall EMBRACE VISUAL HELL.