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Various Artists "Don't Fall In Love With Yourself"

  • Don't Fall in Love With Yourself is a documentary that explores the life of enigmatic musician and artist, Justin Pearson. From childhood tragedy and his roots in the San Diego punk scene, to his appearance on Jerry Springer and rise to cult celebrity status. An in-depth look at a career made out of blood, sweat and spit.

    Much of the B-roll has been sourced from dozens of VHS & Mini-DV tapes recorded over the past three decades. Controversial and never-before-seen footage of one of the most interesting and unique musical movements is recent memory.

    The film's interviews include Justin Pearson, Dave Lombardo, Eric Paul, Gabe Serbian, Bobby Bray, Travis Ryan, Jeremy Bolm, Jon Syverson, Molly Neuman & Becky DiGiglio and more.

    DIRECTOR: Jon Nix

    Track Listing:
    01. The Perils of Believing in Round Squares - The Locust
    02. Stop Flushing the Toilet
    03. Red, White, and You - Struggle
    04. It’s a (Half) Pipe Dream
    05. Intro to Photography - Swing Kids
    06. The Ironic Assholism of Hardy Jenns
    07. Radiation Blue - The Crimson Curse
    08. I Hope You Don’t Get the Joke
    09. Psycho 75 - The Crimson Curse
    10. Something to Guac About
    11. The Half Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office - The Locust
    12. The Hill of Fool's Gold
    13. Warsaw - Swing Kids
    14. AOTKPTA - The Locust
    15. No Poetry Needed
    16. Elephant in the Doom
    17. Mature Science - Retox
    18.. Myddel Fyngir
    19. Old Age Lasts Too Long - Justin Pearson/ Gabe Serbian
    20. Mind Meld
    21. ZZ Stop
    22. Rasquache
    23. Come Bogeyman - Planet B