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Three One G


Ill Saint M / Justin Pearson "Pigs Orphan"


Three One G is proud to announce Ill Saint M and Justin Pearson’s “A Pigs Orphan” remix EP. THe track originally appeared as a flexi record in part of Pearson’s “How To Lose Friends and Irritate People” book. So, the dynamic duo got back at it with a little help from friends such as Melt Banana, D-R-U-N-K, Mr. Henshaw, Nick Zinner, Duran Duran Duran, Trap, and Satanic Porno Cult Shop, all putting their own spin on the musical piece. This limited edition 12” remix EP is pressed on color vinyl and comes with a digital download card.

Track Listing:
01. Original Mix
02. Melt Banana Remix
03. D-R-U-N-K Remix
04. Mr. Henshaw Remix
05. Nick Zinner Remix
06. Duran Duran Duran Remix
07. Trap Remix
08. Satanic Porno Cult Shop Remix