Sexless Marriage "Sexless Marriage" - Deathwish Inc

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Sexless Marriage "Sexless Marriage"

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Sexless Marriage is a hardcore punk band from Boston, MA comprised of Mike Morowitz (Weak Flesh) Greg Weeks (the Red Chord, Umbra Vitae) Chris Bevilacqua (Wormwood, Labor Hex) Chris Johnson (Deafheaven) and Mike McKenzie (Stomach Earth, Wear Your Wounds). The bands debut is a ferocious journey through 10 unrelenting songs. Recorded by Chris Johnson at New Alliance studios in Somerville, MA and visuals created by Sean Walsh, Sexless Marriage have created an experience fit for 2020.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Harp Polisher
02. Habitual Sick
03. Erosion Syndrome
04. Dirt Noose
05. Nameless Wave
06. Smother Club
07. Daisy Cutter
08. Masticate
09. Forcefed
10. ///