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Southern Lord


BL'AST! "Blood!"


BL’AST! guitarist Mike Neider contacted Southern Lord with news that he had found some mysterious old BL’AST! master tapes in a abandoned storage locker. Southern Lord, fanatical about BL’AST!, wasted no time in sending the tapes to a studio to be baked. Needless to say, after 25 years gathering dust, the quality had deteriorated. Even when the tapes had been baked, nobody could have anticipated what would follow. With the tapes baked and audio digitised, Southern Lord contacted long time BL’AST! fiend, Dave Grohl about mixing this recording, his response was an enthusiastic “FUCK YEAH!, LETS DO THIS”!

Track Listing:
01. Only Time Will Tell
02. Ssshhh!
03. Sometimes
04. Winding Down
05. Look Into Myself
06. Tomorrow
07. Your Eyes
08. Poison
09. Sequel
10. Something Beyond
11. It's In My Blood