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Deathsomnia "You Will Never Find Peace"


The creative synergy between the multi-instrumentalist members Kadri Sammel (BEDLESS BONES), Richard Powley (TELEPATHY) and Bruno Russo, and their individual punk, hardcore and electronica backgrounds, are the source for the album’s unique dystopian punk and industrial sound and genre bending originality.

The first track, Deo Non Fortuna, is a crescendo of guitars, synth and drums, alternating with acapella vocals. This anti-lullaby emulates the tossing and turning of someone trapped in a semi-conscious state culminating in a whisper: “I’m still awake,” before propelling the listener into a trance-like whirlwind of roaring guitars and spellbinding vocals.

Industrial anthem Akinesia showcases the band’s ability to capture a balance between punk guitar rawness and ethereal synth tones. While the song’s title refers to the loss of voluntary movement, the marching drum pattern and pounding rhythm induce a high energy reaction impossible not to dance to.

Dysphoria is a beautifully dark and emotionally charged ballad with a strong magnetic pull. The spiralling melody and repetitive chorus create an enthralling and catchy hymn enveloped in shattering lyrics such as: “I am waiting to be hurt again,” - a testament to Deathsomnia’s talented song writing skills and Sammel’s noteworthy vocal range.

The powerful first single and EP title track Self Sabotage is a poignant and catchy anthem about finding beauty in the depths of negative emotion.

You Will Never Find Peace also features notable collaborations from Gabriel Franco (UNTO OTHERS, formerly known as IDLE HANDS), Kyle Kimball (NIGHT SINS) and a remix by SELOFAN. Additionally, Mike Sharp (UNIFORM) plays drums on the album and Dwid Hellion (INTEGRITY) provided the artwork.

Producer Ben Greenberg (UNIFORM, BLACK MARBLE, BAD BREEDING, VR SEX), describes Deathsomnia’s blending of subtle industrial elements into guitar driven songs as cyberpunk and a welcomed break from current popular darkwave aesthetic tropes.

“There’s a huge space now for us to push things creatively to find new spaces that have either been ignored or misunderstood or simply did not exist yet in people’s minds. I think that Deathsomnia is very much a part of that,” says Greenberg.

While their groovy riffs and crashing percussions draw influences from Wipers, Death Moon, Health and Godflesh, the beguiling vocal melodies are dressed with Depeche Mode and Primal Scream undertones.