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Onelinedrawing "Sketchbook"

  • Jonah Matranga has been making music for over 30 years. A prolific artist, he has become an enduring institution in the scene with a devoted fan base, rich lineage, and varied music career. Jonah has often straddled the line between the underground and mainstream. He’s worked with indie labels like Jade Tree and majors such as Atlantic, having fronted the bands FAR, NEW END ORIGINAL, and GRATITUDE.

    His music has influenced bands from Deftones to Blink-182, and he was there for emo and post-hardcore giants in their earliest beginnings–taking bands such as Thursday and Dashboard Confessional on tour. Simply put, the scene cannot be separated from Jonah’s art.

    Jonah has always written from the heart and performed in an intimate way that few others have accomplished. From basements to massive festivals, he brings the same energy to them all: raw honesty and an ability to make every show unique and personal. This is most apparent in Jonah’s solo and collaborative project ONELINEDRAWING. Jonah’s solo performance has always been about connecting with fans in an intimate setting, where they often perform with only a guitar and R2D2 sidekick.

    Sketchbook is the latest release from ONELINEDRAWING, featuring a collection of songs from Jonah’s early solo years, 1999 - 2001. The album features originals and renditions of the likes of 7 Seconds and Jawbox, as well as the Sensefield split honoring the late Jon Bunch

    (Sensefield / Further Seems Forever). The LP also includes liner notes and zine by Norman Brannon (Texas is the Reason / New End Original).

    Sketchbook exists as both a time capsule and thank you letter to fans and music itself–a combination of the period in which Jonah first embarked on his solo journey and a celebration of the vitality that music and community not only affords him but all of us.

    “Onelinedrawing, is a diarist at heart, both in his music and in his daily life, and, man, does he ever rip his heart out and show it to you in his songs. A loose, free-roaming approach to confessional songwriting that pushes his music well beyond the normal sad singer/songwriter clichés.” – PITCHFORK

    Track Listing:
    01. Better Than This
    02. 15,000
    03. Aeroplanes
    04. Breathless
    05. 14 - 41
    06. Tides
    07. Savory
    08. Crush On Everyone
    09. Got My List
    10. Laugh, Fall, Or The Road
    11. The Big Parade
    12. My Little Relief
    13. Pollyanna
    14. Tricky
    15. Wings
    16. Disco Manifesto
    17. Engage
    18. Mer-Kat
    19. Be Real
    20. Always
    21. A-L-L-Y-S-O-N
    22. N,C,A
    23. Oh, I'm So Lucky
    24. Bye, Jon