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Light Tower "Light Tower"


Light Tower is a new collaborative project led by Chris Enriquez (On The Might of Princes, Spotlights) is a dark and deeply personal account of his personal experiences, delivered with his immense talent. Light Tower combines elements of shoegaze, post-hardcore, and emo, but offers something very unique that will strike a flame with fans of the genres. This debut EP features three powerful songs that set the stage of what we expect to see from the band in the future. Limited to 100 cassettes.

"Hearing Chris's rhythmic sensibilities on drums lead me to think he has a great mind for music. Hearing him helm a solo project proves it!"
- Sergio Vega (Quicksand, Deftones)

Track Listing:
01. When the Mask Drops
02. Drown and Sleep
03. One of a Kind