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Hell Simulation "Be Not Afraid" Giclee Print


Ethan Lee McCarthy (aka Hell Simulation) is a multidisciplinary artist creating audio and visual work. His roots in underground (Primitive Man, Vermin Womb), DIY music scenes has equipped him with two decades worth of grass-roots knowledge, a wealth of experience and a healthy sliver of cynicism. His creative work has taken him all over the world, performing at prestigious festivals and in grimy basements; wherever the art takes him.  
McCarthy's musical output ranges from the controlled chaos of Primitive Man & Vermin Womb through to the ambient soundscapes released under his own name, with multiple other sonic stop-off points along the way. His visual art is primarily created digitally, with collage and graphic work distilling the horrors (and occasional beauty) found in modern day America. Comfortable as a collaborator or a solo creative, the scope of McCarthy's work is varied and ambitious.  - Becky Laverty  
"Be Not Afraid" is a piece by Hell Simulation, available as a Museum Quality Giclee Print in 4 sizes.  
Small: 9.818" W X 12" H  
Medium: 19.637" W X 24" H  
Large: 29.455" W X 36" H  
XL: 36.001" W X 44" H

Stock: Fine Line, Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM.