Dump Him "Dykes To Watch Out For" - Deathwish Inc

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Dump Him "Dykes To Watch Out For"

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lead guitar & vocals: mattie hamer (she/her)
drums & vocals: larz brogan (they/them)
vocals & guitar: jac walsh (they/them)
bass & vocals: otto klammer (they/them)

recorded & mixed by zach weeks at godcity on the beautiful north shore of eastern massachusetts, usa.

zach weeks played the solo on dykes.
briar lake sang the harmonies on don't kiss me.
mattie sang leads on intro & don't kiss me, otto sang the second verse of dykes, jac sang the rest of the leads, and we all wrote our the lyrics we sang.

Track Listing:
01. Puritan
02. Dykes To Watch Out For
03. Unimportant
04. Trash
05. What's Yr Deal With Kim?
06. Song For Frankie And Blinko
07. Ache
08. Dreams, Live 1997
09. Judi Bari Almost Died For Our Sins
10. Don't Kiss Me, I'm In Training