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Ceremony "Violence Violence"


"Violence Violence," is the classic 15 song album from Ceremony. If their "Ruined" 7"EP was their declaration, "Violence Violence" is their first wave assault, a soundtrack to wage war. A war against everything that hardcore has stood against, but now has been co-opted into its ranks. There's no TRL song on here, there's nothing that'll be heard at a school dance. Hardcore for the hardcore.

Note: This album REPEATS on both sides of the release, hence the title "Violence, Violence". Your record is not broken.

Track Listing:
01. Violence
02. Ghosts
03. Living Hell
04. My Hands Are Made Of Spite
05. Along
06. Nail
07. Bite Down
08. Cross Them Out
09. Violence
10. Clouds Of Fire
11. Pressure's On
12. Walking Home
13. Asleep

Test Press:
5 - Approved
10 - Rejected

First Press:
300 - White
700 - White/Clear splatter
200 - Sound and Fury stamped

Second Press;
200 - Transparent purple rain
800 - Clear w/ splatter

Third Press:
1000 White/Grey split w/splatter

Fourth Press:
1000 White/Grey split w/splatter

Fifth Press:

Sixth Press:
2099 - Baby Pink