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DEAFKIDS "Metaprogramação"


DEAFKIDS is one of the most exciting bands I have heard in a very long time. They are a unique psychoactive journey of Brazilian polyrhythmic percussion, hypnotic chanting, and aggressive repetitive raw punk all echoing out from another dimension. Having had the blessed opportunity to play several shows with them in Europe and Brazil I can say that without a doubt, they are something new and mind blowing created from something old and primal. Their youthful energy is contagious and their wisdom and deep knowledge of sound is beyond their years. Although raging and distorted, these sounds are medicinal, like some sort of sonic Ayahuasca. You have to surrender to it to find out where it is leading you. We are so lucky and proud to be able to work together with them and release their insane sounds in our corner of the universe. They are beautiful people making beautiful noise. - Steve Von Till, September 2018

DEAFKIDS is back with a new album born of experience - 'Metaprogramação' is their third full length, but first full length to be released with Neurot Recordings. While their previous release, 'Configuração do Lamento', captured the group as they delved deep into their own musical world of diverse and discordant  characteristics 'Metaprogramação' takes this blend to entirely new extremes. In a narrative where songs melt and dissolve into one another, electronic pulses blend into the power of rhythmic and percussive fabrics frantically woven to imprint this 'future-primitive psychic scenario' into the songs. Difficult to describe or pigeonhole - yet, all the elements which characterize the band's punk and aggressive aesthetic are present (even if in unpredictable and surprising ways) - barrages of delay and noise, wailing guitars, dancing frenzied rhythms - all culminating in a wild psychedelic journey that's bound to reach one's mind through the body while inebriating both.

"Deceived by perceiving our so-called individuality as a form of freedom, we are programmed to live and continue living as a fragmented and binary model of nature. Experimental numbers in a worldwide political power-game where human lives and it's complexities, connections, necessities and environments are lowered in terms manipulated by algorithms, mind control and brutal force upon our conditions, our rights and our true will. Shaping, overwhelming and fragmenting our tunnels of perception to the point where the excess of information becomes diffuse and the whole contained within each being is more and more dispersed, confused and disconnected, reflecting an insane image of one's identification with an artificial reality - where in some bizarre way, all these schizophrenic, corrupted and truculent theaters of domination and submission that appears all over human relations seems to make some sense - and of non-identification with what would be our inner reality, the telepathic level behind the veils where boundaries and divisions between us and the plane of consciousness, between you and the other don't really exist. A level of reality where we might have the power to start learning how to reprogram ourselves by our own tools, being able to visit our internal hall of mirrors beyond space and time and deal with the negative roots of our condensed emotions and traumas trough a new perspective of relation and control with our thoughts, paths and everything we're connected with. We must unite as one and resist against the violent symbols of oppression, including what's imprinted on our own self, that must be daily sacrificed. Do not allow yourself to be programmed."

Metaprogramação offers a vertiginous, sensory insight on these inner conflicts and aspects of the animal being.

Track Listing: 
01. Vox Dei
02. Alucinações de Comando
03. Pacto de Máscaras
04. Mente Bicameral
05. Estímulos Alucinatórios Verbauditivos I
06. Templo do Caos
07. Espirais da Loucura
08. Raíz Negativa (Não-Vontade)
09. Camisa de Força (Inferno ou Sem Saída?)
10. Vírus da Imagem do Ser
11. Estímulos Alucinatórios Verbauditivos II
12. Espirais da Loucura
13. A Experiência Holotrópica