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Celestial Sanctuary “Insatiable Thirst For Torment”


Celestial Sanctuary's form of Death Metal is Feral, Aggressive and in your face - with the sole intent of creating the sonic equivalent of taking a boot to the chin. The band emerged in late 2019 with their 'MASS EXTINCTION' demo, displaying their love of death metal old and new - from the heaving death doom passages, neck snapping fast parts and skull crushing, stomp-inducing riffs all neatly presented in it's 8 minute run time; turning heads the world over.

Celestial Sanctuary then entered the studio to record their debut album 'SOUL DIMINISHED' which was released in March 2021 by Church Road Records (EU/UK) and Redefining Darkness Records - cementing them as the flag bearers of the NEW WAVE OF BRITISH DEATH METAL.

CELESTIAL SANCTUARY made their live debut at a sold out headline show at Camden's BLACK HEART in the September of that year, before going on an unrelenting campaign of shows supporting the likes of OBITUARY, GATECREEPER, CATTLE DECAPITATION, UNDEATH, SANGUISUGABOGG... certifying that the UK once again had a death metal band that could go toe-to-toe with the US heavyweights in the genre.

With a brief respite in playing and touring, CELESTIAL SANCTUARY entered the studio to record their unhinged sophomore album 'INSATIABLE THIRST FOR TORMENT' which will be released AUGUST 25th 2023 by Church Road Records.

"This album fully unleashes what we're all about. It's heavier, it's faster and it's way more unhingned" Says Tom Cronin "We wanted to create something that shows we're 'NOT ANOTHER OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL BAND' and I think we've proven that and then some. With influences stretching from that gurn inducing sludge from the first Mastodon and Nerosis records to the technicality of Nile and Dying Fetus. This is a modern Death Metal record for fans of the EXTREME!!!'

Track Listing:
01. Trapped Within The Rank Membrane
02. Glutted With Chunder
03. Swivel Eyed and Gurning in the Shadows
04. Meandering Stream of Foul Fluid
05. Biomineralization (Cell Death)
06. The Lurid Glow of a Dead, Burning Body
07. Unquenchable Thirst...
08. Gutted with a Blunt Blade