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Bliss Fields "Bliss Fields"

  • Toronto’s Bliss Fields has existed in various forms over the past eleven years. Formerly known as Iris, the band started as an indie/shoegaze band writing music in the early wave of the ‘shoegaze revival’ sound. Things fizzled out shortly after, and in the late 2010s, the group reformed under the new name, Bliss Fields, now with a restructured lineup. 2022’s LP, “Slowly, Forever” pushed the band the furthest they’ve come in their sound, incorporating more indie and alt-rock leaning elements onto their already established shoegaze sound. And now in 2024, the band continues to evolve further on their self titled EP, and their first on Sunday Drive Records. Influences from emo and alternative rock bands like Jimmy Eat World and The Smashing Pumpkins begin to flood into the songwriting; bringing more anthemic & catchy hooks, with heavier, distorted riffs to each song. Bliss Fields is in the process of once again reinventing themselves and continues to push their sound, which is sure to be heard on their next follow up on SDR.

    Track Listing:
    01. Strange Ways
    02. When It Meant Something
    03. Daydream
    04. Summer