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SWEAT "Love Child"

  • Southern California trio SWEAT are continuing to blaze their own path with a kinetic, punchy style of hardcore punk dripping in rock ‘n roll attitude. Formed in 2019, SWEAT is comprised of vocalist Tuna Tardugno, guitarist/bassist Justin Smith, and drummer Anthony Rivera, who have spent time playing in bands including Dangers, Graf Orlock, and Dogteeth. The band recently announced Love Child, their bombastic sophomore album set for release March 15th on Smith’s long running label Vitriol Records.

    Track Listing:
    01. Commercial Pleasure
    02. Give Me Action
    03. Pair of Dice

    04. Pure Display

    05. White Nectarines
    06. Bad Taste
    07. Love Child
    08. Physical
    09. A Real Good Time
    10. Predisposed Paranoia