Heiress "Naysayer b/w Just Throats" - Deathwish Inc

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Heiress "Naysayer b/w Just Throats"

Heiress is comprised of former members of Botch, Himsa, Undertow, Jough Dawn Baker, Harbinger, and Pistols At Dusk.  "Naysayer b/w Just Throats" features two songs and picks up where their split with Narrows left off. Both are grim, dark, and ominous post everything musical explorations. "Naysayer" falls into a downward spiral of aggressive percussion before plodding forth with a warhorse like pace. While the b-side "Just Throats" navigates emotionally melodic waters, showing the sonic diversity that is Heiress at their most powerful. Artwork by Demian Johnston.

Track Listing:
01. Naysayer
02. Just Throats

First Press:
330 - Clear
750 - Cream