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Vain & Valor "Prelude"

Vain & Valor, currently made up of Sebastian Browning (vocals), Samuel Sandoval (guitar), Jesse Cuevas (bass), Thomas Arizmendi (guitar), and Alonzo Iniguez (drums). Formed in 2012 from all corners of the world, Vain & Valor have quickly become one of L.A.'s most promising new bands in the hardcore scene. Pulling from their punk rock influences, the band has an aggressive but melodic chaos to their sound resulting in the likes of Touche Amore and Being As An Ocean.

Prelude' is a collection of Vain & Valor's previous efforts compiled into a limited edition cassette tape which includes their new single ""Rise // Fall"" as well as their debut EP 'Time Stands Still As I walk Into The Dark'. Out now on Anchor Eighty Four Records.

Track Listing: 
01. Time Stands Still
02. As I Walk
03. Into The Dark
04. Rise//Fall