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July 16, 2019

HarborLights’ Deathwish debut “Isolation Ritual” will be out worldwide on September 13th. Watch the video for “From Virtue (Sacrament)” and listen everywhere now. Pre-orders for their new album are up now with some great vinyl options.

HarborLights are a post-rock band from the North Shore of Massachusetts. Since their formation they have released two split EPs (w/ Ember Wreath and Superblonde respectively) and the powerful debut album “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree” (2017).

“Isolation Ritual” by HarborLights was recorded by Mike Moschetto (NPR) at The Record Co. and Zach Weeks at God City Studios (who also handled mastering duties on the album). Opener “Hold the Dark” emerges amid delicate melody before “Eternal Return” drenches us with a downpour of shoe-gaze emotion. Instrumentals “Skinwalker” and “A Stable Mind” pulse and dance like a soundtrack to a movie that never was. While “From Virtue (Sacrament)”, “Year Without a Summer”, and “Ego Ideal” reintroduce beautifully haunting vocals that deepen their creative well. It’s not all pretty though, “…And Hell Followed” and “Sigh from the Depths” in combination are dirge and discordance on display at a masterclass level. All of this leads to closer “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” which features guest vocals from TJ Copello of Aviator. An 8 minute epic where the incredible dynamic repertoire of HarborLights impressively shines.

Track Listing:
01. Hold the Dark
02. Eternal Return
03. Skinwalker
04. From Virtue (Sacrament)
05. A Stable Mind
06. Year Without a Summer
07. Ego Ideal
08. ...And Hell Followed
09. Sigh from the Depths
10. The Unbearable Lightness of Being