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Cold World / War Hungry "Split"

After being out of press for a couple years, Six Feet Underhas reissued the now classic Cold World / War Hungry split. Two songs each from Cold World and War Hungry. Remastered so it sounds better than the original...

Broken Patterns "Self Titled #2"
$5.50 $2.00 - Sold Out

As We Let Go "Above The Clouds"
$5.50 $2.00 - Sold Out

From Tokyo, Japan, As We Let Go bring to mind contemporaries like No Warning and Guns Up and the bands that came before them. This record is a split release with Alliance Trax from Japan and only 200 copies will...

Palm "The Unusual"

Track Listing: 01. Filth 02. All Of Hate, All Of Rage 03. Blockhead

50 Lions "Former Glory"
$6.00 $2.00

2 new songs from longstanding Australian hardcore act 50 Lions. Track Listing: 01. Former Glory 02. Normality

Expire "Suffer The Cycle"

"Suffer The Cycle" is the new 7" from Expire on Six Feet UnderRecords. Recorded at Young Brothers Studios with Taylor Young (Nails), Expire has put together 4 songs of straightforward, heavy-hitting hardcore. Members of Expire live in different parts...

Modern Pain "Self Deconstruction"

Track Listing: 01. Mind Grinder 02. Self Deconstruction 03. Blinded 04. Control05. Coward's Rest

Tremors "Island Songs"
$5.50 $2.00

Raw and angry hardcore punk. This is intense, tight and hits you right in the face. Track Listing:  01. Children Of The Void 02. Forever Alone 03. Still There 04. Tourism 05. Waste 06. History

108 "Threefold Misery"

Originally released in 1996, THREEFOLD MISERY was the final full length from 108 prior to their break up and eventual reformation. Released on Germany's Lost and Found Records it was previously only available on vinyl as a picture disc 12"....

Justice "Live And Learn"
$13.00 $4.00

Belgian quartet Justice return to the world with this five-song offering entitled "Live And Learn." On this record, their sound has become a bit more groove-oriented and slowed down while maintaining the aggression and energy of the earlier records, channeling...

True Colors "Focus On The Light"
$13.99 - Sold Out

Originally released in 2008 on both Powered Records and Six Feet Under, "Focus On The Light" was the first full length for Belgium's TRUE COLORS. It is now considered a classic of European hardcore as well as one of the...

Minus / Warbrain "Split"

California hardcore powerhouse MINUS have teamed up with Melbourne Australia's hard hitters WARBRAIN to bring this split 7" to life. 2 songs from each band. Transcontinental mosh will ensue. Track Listing:  01. False Truth - Warbrain 02. Absolute - Warbrain...

Convict "Self Titled"
$6.00 $2.00

Debut 7" from Convict. Hardcore punk from Southern California in the vein of early Agnostic Front meets Discharge. Ex members of New Brigade. Track Listing: 01. On The Attack 02. Cost Of Peace 03. New Breed 04. Outsider 05. Stomping...

Pegasus "Self Titled"
$5.00 $2.00

This is the second pressing of the Pegasus 7". Very reminiscent of Leeway from members of Cold World, War Hungry, Rzl Dzl, and Mind Eraser. With a printed cover this time and download cards.Track Listing: 01. Fool For You 02. In My Fright 03. Nine Bites...

Written Off / Outcrowd "Split"
$6.00 $2.00

Originally released on Iron Mind Crew Records. New artwork by Linas Garcys. Track Listing:  01. Outcrowd Anthem (Outcrowd) 02. Societies Burden (Outcrowd) 03. Survival Of The Realest (Outcrowd) 04. Wound Too Tight (Outcrowd) 05. Keep Looking (Written Off) 06. Grounded...

Evil Conduct "Today's Rebellion"
from $10.00

100% working class Oi! music from Holland Track Listing:  01. This Flame 02. That Old Tattoo 03. Yesterday's Rebellion 04. Oi Oi The Shop 05. CCTV 06. Bent Coppers 07. Gone By Tomorrow 08. Something About You 09. Never Again...

New Brigade "Join The Brigade"
from $6.00

California Straight Edge. Track Listing:  01. Not For The Weak 02. Join The Brigade 03. Always Wrong 04. Ignorant Ways 05. Substance Abuse, A Cowards Excuse 06. Ups And Downs 07. Stand Alone 08. Lost Cause First Press 100 x...

Otus "Overglaze"

Hailing from TOKYO, OTUS are the latest addition to the SFU Tokyo Crew family. Overglaze is their debut release, featuring 5 songs of negative hardcore. The digital download also comes with bonus Disembodied cover. Track Listing: 01. Intro 02. Horn...

Agitator "Bleak"
from $7.00

The debut full length from AGITATOR finally ready to hit the streets. 11 new tracks with some all star guest spots. The most Straight Edge LP of 2013 Track Listing:  01. Misplaced Trust 02. Positively Negative 03. Contempt 04. Broken...

Streetwalkers "Vile Thoughts"
$5.00 $2.00 - Sold Out

This is the debut release from the San Francisco Bay Area group Streetwalkers. "Vile Thoughts" is a 6 song dose of pure hardcore/punk. Fast, angry and snotty bringing to mind past bands like Black Flag, and Tear It Up.Track Listing: 01. Constant...

The Others "Red Eyes"

Debut record from The Others. "Red Eyes" builds on The Others' catchy hardcore vibe - drawing on influences from 90's-esque hardcore to rock and grunge. Track Listing:  01. Going Mental 02. Red Eyes 03. Skin Crawler 04. Quicksand 05. Out...

50 Lions "Time Is The Enemy"
$13.00 $4.00 - Sold Out

Available again on vinyl and for the first time in the US, we are happy to be putting out TIME IS THE ENEMY on vinyl. This is 50 LIONS first album, with a heavy No Warning, Guns Up vibe to...


Deathwish Inc. is an independent record label & distribution company founded by Jacob Bannon and Tre McCarthy in 2000. The label is responsible for many landmark releases that have shaped the world of aggressive music. Deathwish is also one of the...

Blacklisted "Slow Moments b/w I Should Have Been A Murderer"

Two new songs recorded in January 2018 by Will Yip. Track Listing: 01. Slow Moments02. I Should Have Been A Murderer Deathwish Exclusive Transparent Red w/ Black Smoke Vinyl Limited to 300.