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Youves "Cardiovascular"

Having released (under their previous alias) a split 7” with Rolo Tomassi, a limited edition tape and a solo debut single in the past year, Youves are no strangers to productivity. Allayed firmly with the UK underground, YOUVES are vocal proponents of the independent spirit; like Black Flag being produced by James Murphy, but without the steroids and militant dogma. They’re an efficient machine, well flexed, high on beer and protein, poised to steal hearts, minds and girlfriends.

Track Listing:
01. Fully Erect Serve and Protect
02. Aladdin’s Rave
03. Bigorexic
04. Another Djemba Djemba
05. Superstitious
06. My High Horse is a Penny
07. Farthing
08. On Probation