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Wear Your Wounds Delay Pedal by Abominable Electronics

Pre-order information: The estimated ship date is 4/3/17  If you order other items along with this album, the entire order will not ship until the estimated ship date.

Built on the Unholier Grail platform by Abominable Electronics. All pedals were painted by J. Bannon then hand assembled by Abominable Electronics. Limited to 50, each one-of-a-kind in color.

Description from Abominable Electronics:
Finally a delay pedal from Abominable. Combining a great sounding delay with a built in boost so you can play sick lead parts that cut through and also have one of the most wanted modulation effects as well. You can accomplish anything from soft and pretty delay tones to dirty/crunchy dark reverb sounds.


HITS: Control the time between repeats. Crank the knob up high and get big echoes or turn it down for a spooky reverb-ish sound.

GHOST: Control the amount of echo, from subtle and almost non existent to a very deep large room type of sound. Turn this knob all the way down to use the pedal as just a boost. This knob is also very interactive with the FDBK knob so experiment!

FDBK: Control the amount that the repeats are fed back into the input signal, crank it up along with the ghost knob to get crazy oscillations of noise that you can manipulate using the HITS pot.

LOAD: Control the level of the boost.

This new version also features a second footswitch which allows the user to tap tempo the delay setting.

All Abominable pedals are True Bypass and built with top quality metal film resistors, box film caps, and quality transistors and ICs.

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