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Bitter Melody


Swain (Previously This Routine Is Hell) "Howl"


This Routine Is Hell is a four piece band from Utrecht, The Netherlands who formed in 2009. This Routine Is Hell play a great style of hardcore/punk influenced by bands such as Modern Life Is War, Give Up The Ghost, and Ruiner. Howl is the band's latest twelve song LP released via Bitter Melody Records, Cobra records, Shield Recordings, and Ruins records. Howl was recorded by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios. Overall, these twelve songs make for an intense and ambitious listen.

Bram and Boy from TRIH also play in The Kids' Crusade and Fever. We have released a split demo tape with both of those bands demos and timed that release with this one. You can bundle it with your TRIH LP and save a little bit. Fever is in the same family as TRIH but a little faster and more aggressive. The Kids' Crusade has a strong 90s influence, for fans of Jawbreaker and Archers of Loaf.

Track Listing: 
01. Gather Your Stones
02. Nostalgia
03. Howl
04. Shiver
05. –
06. Wrongdoer
07. Cancer
08. I Wake To See The World Go Wild
09. Gloom
10. Don't Let Them
11. Uncommon Ground
12. Asleep



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