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Twelve Gauge


Shin Guard "2020"


Shin Guard’s ‘2020’ is a side of the Pittsburgh four piece we hadn’t quite seen before. The release takes you on a journey filled with raw emotion, angst, and melody and leaves you wondering how a band blended such a wide range of influences so perfectly. 2020 is a socially conscious hardcore album, an amalgamation of riffs and screams at peak desperation. In 26 minutes, Shin Guard covers topics such as accountability, oppression, love, and more. Sound-wise, Shin Guard is a band from screamo and hardcore fans a like -- sometimes compared to The Fall Of Troy but are really drawing and blending influences from much more.

Dog Knights and Twelve Gauge are teaming up to bring you this first time vinyl pressing of this 12”LP, out on August 30, 2019. Originally recorded during the months of December 2018 to January 2019 at Cafe Verona and released in February 2019 on tape by Flowerpot.

Listen to the full record at Shin Guard’s Bandcamp here.

Pressing info:
- 100 Transparent Red (Dog Knights Exclusive)
- 100 Cream (Twelve Gauge Exclusive)
- 300 Black

Track Listing: 
01. Motorcade
02. Epiphany
03. Soliloquy Of The Hourglass
04. Kennedy
05. 2007
06. Sure
07. Spears
08. You Will Be Held Accountable For Your Actions