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Straight And Alert


Said And Done "Better Days"


Said And Done are not dead ! This dutch band highly influenced by the mid 80′s NYHC / Crossover scene with bands like Cro Mags or Leeway but also Only Living Witness or True Blue, started in 2006 with a 2 track digital demo that got their name out fast and got things started. 4 years after their last record they are now back with a brand new LP, where their sound evolved to something more sophisticated, somewhere between Supertouch, Wipers, Nirvana, Screaming Trees or Underdog.

Track Listing: 
01. Never Enough
02. Count Me Out
03. Walk Away
04. Better Days
05. Witness
06. Classic Story
07. Tune Out
08. Sheltered
09. Crossroads
10. Sleepwalking