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Farside "The Monroe Doctrine"

Some things are worth the wait. Despite the fact that their last record came out in 1995, doesn't mean the band hasn't been busy. The Monroe Doctrine is the culmination of ten years of progression for the band and reflects their diverse mixture of punk, post-punk, indie and pop melodies (not to mention a throw back or two to some good old grind core). "It's absolutely the best record we've ever done," says the band and they're not joking.

Track Listing:
01. Better Than Crying
02. I'm Not Shy, I Just Don't Like You
03. I Hope You're Unhappy
04. Seven-day Constant
05. Statues Of Snow
06. My Man Harvey Milk
07. Moral Straightjacket
08. The Lonesome Ballad Of El Bobo
09. Liz Hurley
10. The Fasionable Rebellion
11. Teach Me How To Die
12. Save It For The Children
13. Bled
14. This Pill Is Hard To Swallow
15. Too Much, Too Late
16. The Slowdance
17. Blue Highway