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Pillow Scars


Tellusian "Collision"

During ten tracks, in just under 26 minutes, Sweden's TELLUSIAN brutally assault listeners with a no-filler approach to progressive metal that seamlessly borrows from mathcore, sludge, and grind with their debut LP, Collision. These ex-CROWPATH members have combined off-kilter rhythms, thick, warm bass, non-stop riffing, and throaty growls to create something both completely frantic and cohesive. This album is vicious, complex, and unrelenting.

Track Listing: 
01. Rivalry
02. The Collyer Brothers
03. The Saw Collector
04. In the Wake of Circuses and Parades
05. Wolf in Sheep's Medicine
06. Idiotens Dilemma
07. Bastard Street
08. Armour to Paper
09. Terminal
10. Collision

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