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Pageninetynine / Majority Rule "Split"

PAGENINETYNINE & MAJORITY RULE Split (aka Document 12) features both bands putting forth brand new material with members collaborating on each other's tracks.

It was originally issued in 2002 to commemorate one of the many "Dixie on the Road" tours that both bands embarked upon together.

Track list:
01. Friendship (Pageninetynine)
02. Tantrum (Pageninetynine)
03. Richmond is a Hole (Pageninetynine)
04. Faces Sunken By Letting Go (Pageninetynine)
05. Virginia (Pageninetynine)
06. Not in My Name (Majority Rule)
07. These Hands (Majority Rule)
08. My Version of Paris (Majority Rule)
09. Packaged Poison (Majority Rule)