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Robotic Empire


Pageninetynine "Document 8"


Over the course of their mere five-year existence, Sterling, Virginia’s Pageninety-nine redefined what punk rock could be. This venerable squad of miscreants from the outskirts of the nation’s capital incorporated aspects of nearly every heavy music sub- genre into a tornado of punk fury, releasing a plethora of albums, singles, splits and more, touring relentlessly and inspiring a dedicated, diehard fanbase.

Robotic Empire is pleased to announce a timely re-press of the band’s landmark Document #8 album for availability during their September reunion shows! Each show will benefit a local grassroots organization on the frontlines fighting for civil rights, LGBT rights, youth rights, immigrant and refugee rights, and reproductive rights and justice.

Through these shows, they aim to share a broader love for community in general. Beneficiary organizations will be tabling and speaking at events, and members of the band are available for comment about why they are choosing to organize a series of DIY punk shows as a site of resistance. Not only do the bands want showgoers to attend – they hope people will walk away from these events with a sense of how they can participate in building communities where people stand up for others through decisive action.

Track Listing: 
01. In Love With An Apparition 
02. Your Face Is A Rape Scene 
03. Life In A Box 
04. We Left As Skeletons 
05. Punk Rock In The Wrong Hands 
06. Ballad Of Circling Vultures 
07. The Hollowed Out Chest Of A Dead Horse 
08. The Lonesome Waltz Of Leonard Cohen 
09. The List (FILTH)