Homewrecker/Gatecreeper/Outer Heaven/Scorched "4-Way Split" - Deathwish Inc

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Homewrecker/Gatecreeper/Outer Heaven/Scorched "4-Way Split"


A congregation of the four current leaders in the metal community has summoned a piece of wax so heavy the demons of the underworld struggled to raise it from the fires of hell of which it was forged. Behold, the HOMEWRECKER / GATECREEPER / OUTER HEAVEN / SCORCHED 4-Way split! A 12" testament to the greatest the metal community has to offer; the thrashing hardcore crossover of Ohio's Homewrecker (A389); new-school death metal of Arizona's Gatecreeper (A389) juxtaposed with the old-school death metal stylings of Delaware's Scorched (Unspeakable Axe); and the doom-singed death of Pennsylvania's Outer Heaven (Melotov).

With Stephen Bower's artwork reminiscent of classic death metal aesthetics (Death's "Leprosy" for example), and mastering by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege, this 4-way split LP is a perfect and lethal combination of old-meets-new both stylistically and musically. A year in the making, the HOMEWRECKER / GATECREEPER / OUTER HEAVEN / SCORCHED 4-way split is sure to be a staple in the metal community for many years to come.

FFO: Obituary, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Crowbar, Bolt Thrower, Coffins

Track Listing:
01. Gatecreeper - Carved into Stone
02. Homewrecker - Perpetrators of Annihilation
03. Outer Heaven - Death Worship
04. Scorched - Autopsy Incomplete