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Many Rooms "There Is A Presence Here"


Hailing from Anytown, USA (she is literally in a different state every time we speak), Brianna Hunt makes up the entirety of Many Rooms. Haunting melodies and powerful lyrics create a distinct sound that finds a way of getting under your skin. Brianna's vulnerability is contagious, pulling you through an experience full of emptiness, empathy, and warmth all at the same time. At 22, Brianna shows a level of emotional maturity and expression well beyond her years. Its unbelievable to think that someone can sing with so much soul and yet their favorite food is hot dogs. Sorry Bri :)

Following the successful release of her 2015 EP "Hollow Body", Brianna performed at Audiofeed and spent time supporting bands Trade Wind and Silent Planet; all while slowly building a loyal fan base across the US playing in clubs to hundreds of people or to 10 people in a college dorm room. Brianna will look to continue her success with the release of her first full length album and a full US tour this summer.

Contrary to the dark tone of her music, the future is Bright for Many Rooms.

Track Listing: 
01. Nonbeing
02. Which Is To Say, Everything
03. Dear Heart
04. Hollow Body
05. Danielle
06. The Nothing
07. Untitled
08. There Is A Presence Here
09. This Place Is Haunted
10. When I Find You In The Flowers