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Infant Island "Self Titled"

Infant Island is a band formed in 2016 from Fredericksburg, Virginia — an hour north of Richmond, the screamo capital of the North America. Comprised of Daniel Kost, Alexander Rudenshiold, Kyle Guerra, and James Rakestraw, Infant Island has been playing shows and honing their craft, sharing bills with the likes of Portrayal of Guilt and Ostraca. Drawing from a disparate array of influences, they’ve worked to create an individual blend of atmosphere and emotion.

This album is a culmination of two years of work. Recorded and mixed by Thomas Carney of .gif from god, 60659-c, and Majorel.

Track Listing
01. Small Differences
02. Replenish
03. Broken Pieces
04. Fall
05. Diminish
06. A Preoccupation
07. Further