I'm Glad It's You "The Things I Never Say" - Deathwish Inc

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I'm Glad It's You "The Things I Never Say"

The best music emerges from true emotions that a songwriter feels compelled to express. It’s that sense of urgency that permeates every second of the new album from I'm Glad It's You, "The Things I Never Say," giving listeners an intimate window into something truly heartfelt. As each song passes, it's as if pages of a personal journal have been transposed into lyrics, laid perfectly atop music accompaniment.

Musically, I'm Glad It's You seem to be mining the ever-fertile influence of '90s alt-rock, particularly of the Midwestern variety, yet do so by tapping into elements of that aesthetic many have overlooked. The band innovates on the introspective, yet powerful origins of "college rock," incorporating their contemporary Southern California roots to build something equally as familiar as it is refreshing.

"The Things I Never Say" is a rare album, filled with dynamics both lyrically and musically, cathartic and expressive, while also drawing listeners in to something to be cherished and revelled in.

Track Listing: 
01. The Things We Lose 
02. The Things I Never Say 
03. Parking Tickets 
04. Keepsake 
05. Curbside 
06. Small Talk 
07. Communion 
08. Revival 
09. Time Capsule 
10. Daydreams