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Holy Roar


Ohhms "Cold"


OHHMS have had a monumental year since the release of their debut EP ïBloomÍ in 2014. Whilst this may sound over-the-top, there are indisputable facts. That record was constructed of two songs, clocking in at a combined 30+ minutes. Despite this, the band still garnered a full 15 minute play on daytime BBC Radio 1, offers to play Temples, Arc Tan Gent, Fear and Hevy festivals, as well as shows with The Skull, Conan, The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Hey Colossus, Earthmass, Hierophant, Slabdragger, Bastions and their own successful headline tour. Not a bad start.

Now the band is back with ïColdÍ, another two monolithic tracks, once again clocking in beyond half an hour. That, however, is where the similarities to ïBloomÍ end. ïColdÍ presents a stunning evolution to OHHMSÍ progressive stoner doom rock. Musically, within ïThe AnchorÍ and ïDawn of the SwarmÍ, OHHMS keep exploring new avenues in the cannon of lumbering stoner rock, depth-charge doom, classic rock and psychedelia. Vocalist Paul Waller meanwhile displays a huge leap forward in scope and confidence _ alternating between sumptuously deep gravelly singing, Viking-warrior bellows and roar-is-war call to arms.

Once again leaning on Ian Sadler to record/mix, and Brad Boatright to master the record, with art stunningly realised by Black Sails Design, this is a band poised to prove to everyone that ïBloomÍ was no mere fluke or one off. OHHMS are still, really, just exploring the possibilities of what they could go on to doƒ..and that is a terrifyingly exciting prospect. ïColdÍ is another cast-iron foundation laid for a truly fascinating bandƒ..

Track Listing: 
01. The Anchor
02. Dawn Of The Swarm

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