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Abolition "Self Titled"


Abolition have been bubbling under on the UK hardcore scene for a couple of years now, steadily building a name for themselves with their metallic hardcore that nods to the past and a future, and straight edge message.

Their own 7î ep, and splits with Hang The Bastard and Ark of the Covenant have come and gone and done the band no disservice but this, their debut full-length, is where Abolition truly take first blood. Taking elements of many mid-90Ís greats, whilst remaining resolutely forward-thinking, Abolition are that rare beast of a band that sounds instantly classic in the true sense, whilst always pushing forward in sound and scope.

Whilst expertly produced by Jamie Frye (Last Witness, Wayfarer, a million othersƒ.), possessing venomously barked vocals, and rhythm section tighter than the current British government, the secret weapon within Abolition is perhaps guitarists Sam and Dan. Never knowingly showing off or being flashy, they are an ultra-talented, versatile coupling whose riff construction and playing really are second-to-none.

This is however a band that far exceeds the sum of its parts _ concise, devastating, songwriting made for high-energy live shows _ Abolition are now a leading light for British straight-edge hardcore on a worldwide scaleƒ..

Track Listing:  
01. Our Rage
02. Shadow
03. Retribution
04. Colonial Lie
05. 17 03 2011
06. Opiate
07. Ruin
08. Interlude
09. Disposable Culture
10. 22 03 2011
11. Dawn of a New Age